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Maintenance Program

Servicing your heating and air conditioning systems routinely helps your central air conditioning unit perform better with fewer breakdowns.  When your unit breaks down it is much more costly to air conditioning or heating repair.  A better performing system runs more efficient using less electricity, saving you money.

Here are some of the items that we service:

Thermostat - An outdated or malfunctioning thermostat can make temperatures read incorrectly causing uncomfortable temperatures and costing you more money.

Air Filter - An air filter can get clogged with dust, lint, hair, and other debris.  You may notice more allergies or a decrease in the quality of the air.  A dirty filter also causes a decrease in air flowing into the a/c unit causing the unit to stay on longer to accommodate for the decrease in air flow, costing you more money and wear and tear on your unit.

Condensate line - Algae, dust and other debris can build up and result in the overflow of water that which damage walls, ceiling and flooring, but more importantly cause a damaging electric situation to the unit.

Wiring - You can have a wide variety of wiring problems in an a/c unit, but a wiring problem can cause the unit to over heat or over cool.  Over heating can cause connections to become loose over time and causing the unit to have to be replaced.

Outdoor Condenser Coils and Indoor Evaporator Unit - The coils in your unit build up debris over time causing it to produce less cool air and your unit to over work which leads to it breaking down.  Clean coils will help lower your electric bill and repairs.

Condenser - Check the operation of the condenser and look for any wear and tear on the tubing and a refrigerant (freon) if needed.

Our program is $250 for the first unit and $235 for each additional unit per year.  This includes two scheduled servicing appointments which include making any adjustments necessary, checking the voltage and amperage readings, freon charge, washing condenser coils,...etc.  If you do need any parts we offer them with a 10% discount to you.